International Enrollment

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I welcome you to Honghe University. Thank you for your interest in the university. Whether you are a prospective student or someone simply interested in acquiring further information about our university, you are always more than welcome to our beautiful campus.


International Enrollment



Diploma Education

"1+3" Mode
The "Chinese Language" major adopts (1+3 training mode), that is, the first year of basic Chinese learning. After the end of the study, the students take the Chinese Proficiency Test. The scores reach the new HSK level 5, and can directly enter the professional three years after the major. After the course is completed, students can graduate after completing the required credits.

"1+4" Training Mode
In addition to the Chinese language majors, the general-purpose foreign students' academic education training mode is adopted, that is, one-year Chinese preparatory study plus four years of professional study. During the study period, students are required to take 136 credits for flexible academics. Students can graduate with enough credits within 4-8 years.

"2+2" Training Mode
This model is implemented by Honghe University for students from some overseas cooperative universities. After completing two years of major courses in they own country, students will transfer to the corresponding professional courses  of HU for two years. The courses that students study in their home country are converted according to the corresponding courses and credits according to the transcripts provided by the partner universities. According to the total credits of 136, students can graduate after completing the registration and only need to complete the remaining credits. If the student does not have a qualified HSK score, he or she must enter the Chinese preparatory course first .