Exchange of Cultural and Sports

"China Honghe University  - Vietnam Lao Cai Province Education System Cultural and Sports Exchange Activities" is an agreement signed between the University and the Lao Cai Provincial Government of Vietnam, which holds a large-scale cultural and sports exchange between China and Vietnam every two ye...



Art Exhibition

Honghe University cooperates with various educational and cultural institutions in Vietnam to hold various exhibitions of books, paintings and photography, which has made due contributions to the promotion of Sino-Vietnamese cultural exchanges.
Since January 2009, Honghe University has cooperated with some provincial departments of Vietnam and some Vietnamese universities to hold calligraphy and painting exhibitions, showcase works to Chinese and Vietnamese books and painters, and exert "artlessness" for the friendship between the Chinese and Vietnamese peoples. The role of national boundaries. In February 2010, the School of Fine Arts of Honghe University cooperated with the Cultural Department of Lao Cai Province of Vietnam to hold a painting and calligraphy exhibition in Lao Cai Province. The calligraphy and art creations of China and Vietnam have influenced each other, promoted and improved together, and made important progress in creating calligraphy and artistic achievements with local and national characteristics.