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HU carries out the scientific research work with its positioning and local reality. It has built up and shaped a platform of research according to the current positioning and regional characteristics.

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Forum of Red River Basin Social Development

“International Forum on Social Development of the Red River Basin” is an academic exchange platform jointly established by Honghe University and the Cultural and Communication Department of the Lao Cai Province of Vietnam. The two sides agreed to be hosted by each  party every two years. With this platform, Chinese and Vietnamese experts and scholars from both countries have conducted in-depth discussions on the history, current situation and future of the society, economy and culture of the Red River Basin. The results of the forum   have attracted the attention of the relevant departments of both sides. Since 2005, Honghe College successfully held the "First International Forum on Social Development of the Red River Basin", it has been heldding till now. More than 100 famous scholars from China and Vietnam have participated in each conference. The proceedings of this seminar have gradually formed a long-term cooperation mechanism.