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International promotion of Chinese language



‍Northern Thailand Internship Base


On January 20, 2013, Honghe University and the Chinese Teachers Association of the Chinese Village in Chiang Mai, Thailand reached a consensus on the establishment of the “China Honghe University Northern Thailand Internship Base” in northern Thailand and sent representatives to the base to conduct inspections and begin sending students to Internship in Northern Thailand. So far, the project has sent teachers and students to internship in Northern Thailand till now. Teaching subjects include language, mathematics, English, history, geography, sports, art, preschool, computer, etc. On May 11, 2013, the base was officially listed.

Through this project, more professional students of our school have the opportunity to go out. While experiencing foreign culture, they use their professional knowledge to practice teaching, accumulate students' work skills and overseas work experience, and enhance their professional competitiveness. Again, Because the source of the Chinese village in Chiang Mai, Thailand is a very special group, our students are sent to the Chinese village to teach. It is also a true support. From the actual action, we inherit the inheritance and promotion of Chinese culture among overseas compatriots and support overseas. Chinese education in Chinese contributes to the inheritance of Chinese culture in the land of northern Thailand and the sustainable development of Yunnan folks living in different places.