Introduction of International Projects

Application is open to applicant who owns a non-Chinese citizenship, aged between 16 and 35, in good health condition, (Applicant who is currently working in a Chinese language teaching position shall not exceed the age limit of 45. Undergraduate student shall not exceed the age limit of 20).


Cooperation with Japan

Professor Yang Liujin, a famous Hani culture research scholar around the world. Director of the International Hani/Aka Research Center of Honghe University. Professor Yang Liujin has visited Japan many times and invited Japanese Hani culture researchers to visit Honghe, including: Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo University, Osaka National Museum of Ethnology, University of Tokyo Agricultural Economics Research Institute, Japan Ryukyu University International Okinawa Research Institute of Asia, National Museum of Ethnology of Japan, University of Science and Technology of Japan, and Global International Cooperation Center of Osaka University and Honghe University is now still encouraging and provide help for this kind of program.