Introduction of International Projects

Application is open to applicant who owns a non-Chinese citizenship, aged between 16 and 35, in good health condition, (Applicant who is currently working in a Chinese language teaching position shall not exceed the age limit of 45. Undergraduate student shall not exceed the age limit of 20).


Cooperation with Thailand

The cooperation between Honghe University and Thailand began in 2005. With the increasing frequency of interaction with Thai society,  especially at all levels of educational institutions, combined with the internationalization talent training objectives and related academic resources of HU and the comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of the Thai education system, HU has gradually clarified the train of thought on cooperation with Thailand which are namely:

1. Vigorously promote the international promotion of Chinese language, fully integrate and utilize the subject resources of the Chinese language education of HU to provide quality services for the growing Chinese needs of the Thai society and provide opportunities for students of related majors in HU to have great teaching practice;

2. Actively set up a platform for International Curriculum Learning (SAP) to exchange credits with international universities with higher levels of internationalization, to create conditions for our students to go abroad, enjoy the quality of educational resources abroad and promote the internationalization of our curriculum;

3. Strengthen cooperation and cultural exchanges with the northern Thailand region, the Thai-Myanmar border in cross-border ethnic groups, folk art, etc;

4. Steadily promote the education of foreign students and non-degree education. After several years of unremitting efforts, our school has established cooperative relations with more than 60 educational institutions at all levels in Thailand, and has made fruitful cooperation in the above aspects and achieved gratifying results.