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Honghe University Participated in the Symposium of the Chinese Undertaker Institutions of the Confucius Institute in Yunnan Province

On October 21st, the Office of the National Chinese International Promotion Leading Group (referred to as “Hanban”) and the Confucius Institute Headquarters held a symposium for Chinese Undertaker Institutions of the Confucius Institute in Yunnan Province at Yunnan Normal University. The leaders and responsible comrades of the 7 Chinese undertaker institutions in Yunnan Province attended the symposium. Ma Jianfei, secretary of the Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban Party Committee, attended the meeting and made an important speech. Chen Shibo, Governor of the Education Supervision Group of the Yunnan Provincial People's Government, and relevant comrades of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education attended the meeting. Gan Xuechun, the president of Honghe University and Zhao Wei, deputy director of the President Office of Honghe University attended the symposium.

In his speech, Secretary Ma Jianfei said that the main purpose of the symposium was to convey the important instructions of the central leading comrades to further improve the work of the Confucius Institute, and to discuss how to strengthen the work of the Chinese Confucius Institute to undertake the work of the institutions and to promote Yunnan in the next step. The province has expanded the scope of the Confucius Institute and raised the quality of Confucius Institutes. The leaders of the 7 institutions and universities attending the meeting spoke separately reported and exchanged views on the work of Confucius Institutes/Confucius Classrooms in their respective schools, opinions and suggestions on the Confucius Institute's development action plan, and ideas for future work.

On behalf of our school, President Gan Xuechun gave a speech at the symposium. President Gan first reported the construction of the Confucius Institute at Colombo University in Sri Lanka. The achievements and difficulties existed. Then President Gan introduced the work of the two Chinese centers built in Vietnam and said that with the care and support of Hanban, Honghe University will continue to run the Confucius Institute at Colombo University and include the construction of the Confucius Institute in the overall development plan of the school, combining with the enrollment, training and future development of international students to promote the international operation of the school. Work at a new level and further implement the various work requirements of Hanban.