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Delegation of SASANA Group Visits HU
2016-04-11 10:22   审核人:

A delegation of 10 people from SASANA Group of Sri Lanka paid a visit to our university on the 30th of March. And Mr. Chen Yongming, Party Chief of CPC Committee of Honghe University, met with the delegation. Mr. Peng Qiang, deputy president of HU, leaders of Office of International Programs and Services of HU and relevant experts from the School of Humanities of HU were also present at the meeting.

At the beginning, Mr. Chen extended a warm welcome to the delegation, citing a well-known saying of Confucius: “it is always a pleasure to greet friends from afar”. Then he gave a brief introduction to the visitors about the conditions of Honghe Prefecture and Mengzi city, as well as the history, degree programs and teaching staff of HU, and the progress of the Confucius Institute. Since the September of 2014 when HU declared the success of signing the contract to build the Confucius Institute in the University of Colombo, HU has advanced the project with all strength. In the meantime, HU has taken an active role in developing extensive communications and cooperation with all social circles of Sri Lanka. With the joint efforts of both sides, three teaching schools were respectively established in three universities of Sri Lanka. And two volunteers were sent to the SASANA University sponsored by SASANA Group, working as Chinese language teachers. Being an institution of higher education, HU should not only take the responsibility of cultivating students both at home and abroad, but also contributes to the exchange between China and foreign countries. In the background of great globalization, HU has committed itself to the internationalization of the school. So it attaches great significance to the communications with various countries in the world, especially the countries in the South Asia and Southeast Asia. Considering this was the first visit of the business delegation of Sri Lanka to HU, Mr. Chen gave 4 tips for further cooperation between two sides: (1) to set up bachelor’s degree program of Chinese teachers with SASANA University and provide scholarship to the students of Sri Lanka to study in HU for one year; (2) to encourage students of SASANA University to attend the Summer Camp at HU, with the travelling expenses provided by SASANA Group and the tuition supports provides by HU; (3) to set up occupational training center in Sri Lanka with SASANA Group. (4) to set up the bachelor’s degree program of Sinhala language in HU with the aid of universities of Sri Lanka.

After that, Mr. Jayasuriya gave speech on behalf of the delegation. He talked about the long-standing relation between China and Sri Lanka and gave a brief introduction about the company. Having expressing agreement of the four tips proposed by Mr. Chen, Mr. Jayasuriya indicated his wishes to carry out further cooperation with HU after he returned to Sri Lanka. He also emphasized on the intention to cooperate with HU to cultivate a number of higher talents in the field of science and engineering, such as architecture, construction and electrical engineering. In addition, he clearly expressed his expectation that HU could provide aids of teaching and techniques to them so as to promote the development of Sri Lanka.

In the end, both the two sides expressed their expectation for further cooperation after exchanging souvenirs and having a group photo taken to mark the occasion.


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