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President of Mahasarakham University of Thailand Visits HU
2016-04-11 10:16   审核人:

A delegation led by president of Mahasarakham University of Thailand paid a visit to Honghe University on March 23rd, the first raining day in the Spring of Mengzi. And in the morning of the next day, the delegation visited the Building of Music and watched the sandbox of HU. Mr. Zhang Canbang , assistant to the president of Honghe University, met with the delegation. Leaders of relevant departments, such as Office of Teaching Affairs, Office of International Programs and Services and the International College were also present at the meeting.

Mr. Zhang stated that the purpose of this meeting was to summarize the result of cooperation of both sides in the early stage and probe into the further cooperation. At present, the both sides have achieved successful cooperation in the exchange programs of students and teachers. In order to strengthen the further cooperation, Mr. Zhang proposed three projects, namely, joint scientific research, curriculum development and talent training.

Mr. Somchai Wongkasem, president of Mahasarakham University, expressed of support to the new programs proposed by Mr. Zhang. He spoke highly of the joint scientific research, regarding it as a good orientation of the cooperation between two sides. He also suggested that the joint talent training program could start with the training of students majoring in English, Chinese and Thailand. During the meeting, Mr. Somchai Wongkasem gave three tips for the further cooperation between two universities: (1) to carry out the cooperation in the field of music and dance performance to combine the cultural communication with tourist development; (2) to publish academic journals and writings jointly; (3) to carry out short-term training sessions at regular times.

In the meeting, both the two sides has a profound discussion on some specific problems in their cooperation, such as China-Thailand 2+2 Program, Training of Chinese Teachers, as well as procedures, costs and teaching qualification of other feasible cooperative programs.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, Mr. Gan Xuechun, president of HU met with the delegation. During the meeting, Mr. Gan recalled the pleasant cooperation with Mahasarakham University in the past. Then he gave a brief introduction to the visitors about the conditions of Honghe Prefecture and Mengzi city, as well as the degree programs and teaching staff of HU. In response to it, Mr. Somchai Wongkasem also briefly introduced the conditions of their university. Both of them highly endorsed the achievements gained through the exchanges of students and teachers between two sides. They also expressed their wishes for further cooperation. Besides, Mr. Somchai Wongkasem also voiced supports and involvement for the Chinese Training Project in Southeast Asia initiated by HU. And he would provide support for the major construction of Thai Language in HU. In the meantime, Mahasarakham University sent out an invitation to HU, inviting our teachers to attend the international academic conference held in the university. Afterwards, Mr. Gan asked some questions about the theme of the conference, the proportion of talents with high diploma in their university and the financial fund of the university.

Next, the two presidents signed the schemes for the further cooperation. In the evening of 24th, March, the relevant leaders and staff had a discussion with the Thai students studying in HU to know about their school life in HU and give specific suggestions to them.


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