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Teenagers Delegation from Mandalay Private School of Burma Visits HU
2016-04-11 10:12   审核人:

A delegation of 18 teenagers from Mandalay Private School of Burma paid a visit to Honghe University on the 31st of March.

The delegation first came to the Building of Music in the company of Ms. Huang Wei, deputy chief of the Office of International Programs and Services of HU. They visited such places as the studio, dance studio and piano room. In the dance studio, the students of the delegation also danced with the students and teachers of HU; afterwards, the delegation came to the International College of HU and received warm welcome of students and teachers of the college. During that time, Ms. Xu Ling, secretary of CPC Committee of the International College, gave a brief introduction to the visitors about the conditions of the International College and the exchange students in the college. She also expressed welcome for the Burmese students to study in HU and hoped that they could participate in the summer camp held in HU. The Burmese students also had a kind and friendly discussion with the exchange students studying in the International College.

The delegation was accompanied on the trip by the relevant staff of the Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan Province and Honghe Prefecture.


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