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Social Service

Along with the gradual optimization of discipline structure as well as the continuous development of university connotation, HU offers a diversified service to the society. To meet the need of industry and trade development of Honghe  Prefecture, the university encourages and supports the key laboratories or engineering research centers at the provincial level to be fully involved in technology innovation. By means of cooperation with key enterprises or industrial parks, HU is to be constructed into a R&D center and service platform for characteristic industries and industrial generic technology. To cater for the development of society, economy and culture of Honghe Prefecture, the university provides special supports to the related research institutions, such as Yunnan-Vietnam Study Base, International Study Base for the Development of Social History and Culture of Hani/Ahka Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan Province, Regional Economic Research Center and Research Center for Inheritance and Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Therefore, these institutions take initiative in visiting and investigating governments, industries and enterprises, to address various problems. On the whole, the university plays the role of “think tank”. In the meantime, the adult education has obtained considerable development, with more programs, larger scale and higher level. The non-academic training used to be held for teachers of Honghe Prefecture, is now open to teachers province wide. Multi-industry vocational training is now undertaken rather than simplex teacher training. The training for enterprises, governments and society is expanding and deepening.



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