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Scientific Research

The scientific research of HU is conducted in accordance with the university orientation and local reality, so that a scientific research platform fitting in the orientation and regional characteristics has taken initial shape. The university plays an active role in cultivating and supporting scientific research which are beneficial to regional economy. As a result, the capacity of teachers for scientific research has been strengthened and the scientific research output has been upgraded. Since the year 2003, the teachers have got 45 scientific research projects at the national level, 100 at the provincial or ministerial level, 271 at the prefectural or departmental level. Four international collaboration scientific research projects and 40 horizontal research projects have been achieved. Besides, 23 awards at provincial or ministerial level have been got and 29 patents have been authorized. 93 monographs and 6,318 academic papers have been published, of which 699 are published on SCI, EI and ISTP journals and 1,361 are published on national core journals. Granted by Yunnan Province, HU possesses two bases for philosophy and social sciences study, three key laboratories, one preparatory base for engineering research, two innovative teams of philosophy and social sciences and one innovative team for scientific and technical research.



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