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Personnel training

 In order to meet the need of local economic and social development, HU has trained more than 30,000 talents. Since its upgrade in 2003, HU has basically established an undergraduate teaching system, and carried out a comprehensive student-centered reform. The curriculum system is consisted of “basic general courses, disciplinary courses and specialized courses”. At the same time, great importance is attached to the curriculum system to combine quality education and professional education. The applied personnel cultivating program with its own characteristics has taken shape. Furthermore, HU has deepened the reform of the credit system, improved and standardized the teaching management, and implemented teaching reforms. Quality projects at national, provincial and university level have been carried out, which  witness eleven national quality projects and 113 provincial quality projects. Management and evaluation system based on standardizing and evaluating teachers’ teaching activities has taken shape, and quality monitoring and guarantee system has been established in an effort to improve teaching quality. The quality of personnel training of the university has been steadily enhanced. More than 10,000 people graduated from the University since 2003 are working in enterprises, public institutions, government departments and other industries. The efficiency and function of the university has gradually come out.



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