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Disciplines & Programs

Honghe University is a multidisciplinary space of sixty full-time undergraduate programs, covering twenty-four categories in literature, history, law, science, engineering, agriculture, management, education and fine arts. Based on local conditions, HU has established some programs with regional characteristics, for the purpose of developing local economy and society. Approved and supported by the provincial education authority, three disciplines are under construction for master degree programs. One discipline is accepted as provincial key construction program. With the approval and support from the university, three disciplines are under construction for master degree programs, seven disciplines are accepted into construction list, and seven other disciplines are taken into pre-construction list. Seven disciplines are under construction for professional master programs. One special program is granted by the Ministry of Education. Four programs are regarded as provincial key characteristic programs, and two are considered provincial key language programs. Two pilot programs of comprehensive reform and four teaching teams are under construction at provincial level.



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